martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Volunteer in Botanical Garden

Days Saturday and Sunday September 5 and 6 respectively, there was an exhibition of big insects in the San Antonio Botanical Garden. The designs made from plant stalk is really surprising. In these photos we can see the beautiful exhibition.

Internship in Medina River Natural Park

The first two weeks of August, IASL group split into several groups to perform Internship work as volunteers in different institutions of San Antonio. Jose Ramon, Fernando, Fabiola and I went to Medina River Natural Park, which has extensive field with a trail about two miles long, bikes trail and a river where you can fish free. The scenery of the park is accessible to all peoples, and has a beautiful view of the road. It also has a very quiet river and where you can see majestic trees and also to grow small green. It is a treat where for a moment live in and with nature. It is a very appropriate place to rest from the noise, stress, and the labyrinths that can exist in a big city as San Antonio. Usually in this park we can see older people in most cases accompanied by their pets that they will walk approximate one hour. Our job was to design a bird figure, located at the entrance of the park near the offices of responsible peoples for maintenance. The first day, Gail Dugelby, we intrude Eduardo, who was in charge of teaching us how to use the machine to work the land. We did this job for two weeks; first we get up bad land for good land then put in compost. This was highly amused at times. Eduardo native of Mexico, every day we had the incidents that had happened to reach Unite State. He had such enthusiasm as these times have days were over. Now, he has a secure job in the Medina Park and their children student in University and the youngest still in high school. Susan Blaker, Susan Campbell and Gail Dugelby you came to see us. It was the only opportunity where we could practice English and that they had an office job. Sometimes, after 11:00 am we were on a moment to offices and Susan Campbell, she with very kindly showed us some pictures of this trips to Mexico. Other times we were able to show pictures of our country and our communities. The two weeks was a constant routine work, picks, shovels, dust of the eart and the exaggerated sun in Texas. Sincerely, I would have liked more English practice, but we could know something about plants in Texas, real stories like Eduardo and one more experience to be able to form as professional and be part of the development personal and development of our communities.

Canto y fuerza Quechua