lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

Residential Tourism for farmer communities – Project

The Alternative Tourism is increasing rapidly in recent years. Within the alternative tourism is Residential Tourism, which is a mode in farming families engaged in agricultural life open their doors to accommodate visitors by showing a way of life unique and authentic. The tourists participating in the daily activities of local peoples, share with them food for breakfast, lunch and dinner also daily work in the field plowing cattle, plant products of the area, etc. In festive activities, participate in ceremonies paying thanks to the land (ceremony to thank the land for harvest), dances and song which can teach tourists about new lifestyle and customs. It is an encounter and dialogue between people of two or more cultures, with awareness of solidarity that can only truly be in nature. Besides this, tourists/travelers can also visit the tourist attractions of the area or other known routes of tourism destinations. Residential Tourism, not yet publicized is a modality in Peru, with the exception of communities Llachon, Taquile, Uros, Amantani and Anapia of the Puno region, who are pioneers in Residential Tourism. In the province of Antabamba of the district Juan Espinosa Medrano, we have a rich culture at the height of the great civilizations, where each community has a unique lifestyle. In our area we have pre-Inca archaeological monuments, Incan monument, colonial monument and contemporary monument, mountains, rivers, trails for biking, traditions, music, old llamas walking across the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, Mule track on the outskirts and within each community are unique ancestral customs that can be a wonderful experience for the visitor. It is possible to develop Residential Tourism in district Juan Espinosa Medrano? Many people who are familiar with our culture would say, YES. Success in most areas where Residential Tourism is practiced has been the result of innovative projects, such as the revival of ancient traditions and myths and other ancient traditions of the community. The other aspect of improving the quality of the houses where visitors can relax is no less important, always taking care of the imbalance that could cause the change to the authentic way of life, as well as the refurbishment of attractive natural scenery and archaeology. However, this is very important to ensure the authenticity is our best product. Working together on this project is possible. We will make this a reality involving our schools primary and secondary, institutes and univertisities of the province, region and country, heath centers, organizations of residents in each big city in the country, organization private and national to promote and be accessible. In an expansion of this project in others communities, we welcome students to internal and external volunteers, schools, institutes and all people that want to help. In this way without spending a lot we ourselves are the best broadcasters of our culture and our land. The residential Tourism in the province Antabamba of the district Juan Espinosa Medrano is innovate because it responds to present needs, but also contemplates the reductions of negative impacts of this long term. It emphasizes the importance of conservation of our tradition, and the improvement of families. Promoting Residential Tourism in the province Antabamba is promoting the development of a future integrated environment and improved economic viability for future generations.